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This website started out as a replacement for the portfolio site I made in college. I was a journalism major and designed a website to send potential employers. Now I've gravitated more to photography and website design, so I decided to make a new site that's more geared to my current interests and passions.

I also just bought my first house. It's very exciting, but extremely overwhelming. I have a specific style and, let's just say the college furniture my boyfriend brought with him will retire to the basement as soon as physically (and financially) possible. Between now and the eventual date I'll be able to replace sofas, a rug, and a few other various cringe-worthy items, I'm doing what I can with what I've got.

I've always been pretty creative. I nearly went to art school for painting or ceramics, I've been knitting since I was five, and on the weekends you can find me doing one kind of DIY project or another. A friend recently asked if she could come over and help while I work on things, so she can learn. She inspired me to start blogging about my projects.

I am not a blogger. This is not my thing. I make a lot of mistakes and don't really like keeping track of everything I'm doing. It's more fun for me to just go nuts and be creative for a few hours, without stopping to take meticulous (or completely not meticulous) notes on what I'm doing. I also know there are so many other lifestyle bloggers out there who I bow down to. They've been doing this far longer, and are far more polished than I, but after some friendly pushing, I'm willing to give this a go and see what happens.

So, welcome to my journey.

This blog will predominantly feature projects I make for my house, but, like I said, I'm also a knitter, so I'll put my patterns up here as well. I hope you enjoy the ride and please reach out anytime if you have questions on any of the projects I've made.



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